Raise a Glass to Marabu’s Exceptional Screen Printing Inks

Printers are always looking for the next innovative idea to dazzle clients and capture attention. Beer Ripples is making a (literal) splash with their printer that can print any high-resolution image or design on beer foam, using edible, malt-based ink. 

While printing on beer foam is cool, screen printing on the beer glass provides a long-lasting image that won’t disappear with the first swallow. We’ll drink to that!

Marabu offers best-in-class options for glass printing:

  • Glass Ink GL is designed to print onto glass and is suited for screen and pad printing. For dishwasher resistance, this ink must be baked at 140°C for 30 minutes.
  • Mara® Glass MGL is a solvent-based, two-component screen printing ink for glass and other substrates. It offers brilliant colors and is dishwasher resistant.
  • The UV-curable UltraGlass UVGL requires no post-baking, while guaranteeing the highest resistance. It offers efficient production since baking isn’t necessary.
  • UltraGlass LEDGL was developed for energy-saving UV-LED lamps or can be cured conventionally (UV). This two-component, highly resistant ink offers unrivaled adhesion on glass.

For more information about Marabu’s exceptional glass inks, please contact us. You can receive more printing tips here.

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