Top 5 Alcohol Bottle Designs We Love (and Why)

What do Absolut Vodka, Grey Goose Vodka, Willett Pot Still Bourbon, Angel Envy Bourbon, and Heaven’s Door Bootleg Series Bourbon have in common? These liquor brands have all created powerful, attention-grabbing direct print designs on their bottles to generate attention, stand out from the competition, and drive sales.

Between the direct printing and the shape of their bottles, each of these products has a distinctive look sitting on the shelf or behind a bar, which means they get noticed among their many competitors’ offerings. While each of these products may or may not be better than the competition, their superior presentation dictates perceived value and influences buyers to not only try them, but to pay more for them. Consumers are often willing to pay more for a brand that looks and feels classy and sophisticated, and direct printing can give brands that distinction and value.

The numerous advantages of direct printing

Companies’ packaging has a powerful influence on buying behavior and can help their brands differentiate themselves from the competition. Printers should promote the numerous advantages to direct printing on liquor bottles to their clients. These benefits include:

  • Making products stand out in crowded stores, bars, and restaurants.
  • Obtaining a unique, attractive look that’s a great alternative to paper labels.
  • Increasing durability, as direct print holds up better in many situations (e.g., in a cooler of ice) versus bottles with traditional paper labels, which may disintegrate or peel off in certain conditions.
  • Increasing design options, as paper label designs must be limited to the label’s specific dimensions but when direct printing, your clients’ designs can be any shape or size.
  • Reducing steps in the process as compared to printing labels, which must be affixed to the bottles after being printed.
  • Providing a comfortable tactile feel that makes the bottles easy and pleasant to handle.
  • Offering many food-safe, low migration ink options that are appropriate for consumable products, like liquor.
  • Allowing companies to compete, producing memorable, attractive, eye-catching packaging in a cost-effective way.
  • Communicating the high-quality and unique attributes of your clients’ products in a way that attracts potential customers.
  • Offering a wide range of options, including the color of ink, the choice of metallics, and either gloss or matte finishes.

Showcase your expertise

Demonstrate to clients that you’re a printing expert that’s familiar with direct printing onto liquor (and other) bottles, who can prepare the products for real-world conditions (the freezer, a cooler packed with ice, a barbeque on a hot summer day, a smoky bar, a delivery truck facing extreme temperatures, etc.) Direct printing on bottles means using ink that’s durable and capable of standing up to heavy handling and various conditions.

Marabu specializes in organic inks for glass, a highly effective and energy-efficient alternative to ceramic enamels. Our ink systems score highly on adhesion and come in a variety of colors and special effects, plus they are scratch-resistant, dishwasher-safe and free of heavy metals. We are also able to expertly mix colors to reproduce your clients’ corporate colors and/or develop any shade your customers desire. Marabu’s UltraGlass UV ink series provides the leading UV/LED screen printing inks on the market, featuring the most comprehensive portfolio of basic shades, metallics, and etch imitations. The UltraGlass UV ink series has proven strengths and has been successfully used in the market for years.

Marabu offers a variety of high-quality, durable options for printing on glass bottles, including digital printing, screen printing, and pad printing. Digital direct printing on glass or PET-bottles is particularly relevant for the beverage industry. Until very recently, there has been no digital print application that allowed for high speed, high-quality output on packaging containers, but now, Marabu’s UV/LED-curable inkjet inks are fine-tuned for high-speed industrial applications, such as printing on bottles.

Stand out and make a strong impression

Any brand can use direct printing to help their bottle (or other packaging) stand out, look expensive (regardless of price point), make a positive impression on key audiences, and maximize the product’s perceived value.

The possibilities for direct printing bottles are endless, and can create or enhance any brand’s look, whether your clients are striving for something simple, sophisticated, macho, feminine, extravagant, glamorous, exciting, or adventurous.

For more information about professional printing on glass bottles – or any other product or surface – please contact us.

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