5 Reasons to Use Marabu Ink for Screen, Pad, and Digital Printing

Whether you’re a product manufacturer, print services provider or a local print shop, you understand the importance of selecting the right manufacturer and supplier for your ink and liquid laminate products. Marabu is a leader in the market, and there are five big reasons why. 

1. High-quality Product

When purchasing ink for screen, digital or pad printing, you can feel confident that Marabu products will deliver unmatched quality. All of our manufacturing facilities are ISO certified, meaning that we undergo rigorous 3rd-party review to ensure our products meet—and often exceed—international standards for excellence and customer expectations. Because of how high we set the bar for our products, we’re the ink provider of choice for companies that produce products where quality and safety matter most—things like medical devices, food and drink containers, or children’s toys.   

2. Consistent Performance 

Our customers have a thousand things to worry about each day—production schedules, new product development, employee satisfaction, and budgets. The ink they use for their product design, logos, signage, or packaging shouldn’t be on that list of worries. 

Imagine for a moment a car manufacturer who is working on their latest vehicle model. They know their customers shop while keeping in mind things like horsepower, fuel efficiency, interior color, and location of cup holders and air-vents. Car buyers never consider asking about how well the icons on the dashboard or numbers on the speedometer will hold up after baking in the summer heat. The durability of the dashboard design may not affect the overall performance of a vehicle—but it has a huge impact on customers’ perception of value and a company’s reputation.

We obsess about the consistency and performance of our ink products so our customers can focus on other things. With Marabu ink, you never have to worry about colors matching from batch-to-batch and whether your type or images are scratch resistant and will hold up to regular use.  

3. Innovation

Marabu has a long legacy of industry-leading innovation. Founded in 1859 in Stuttgart Germany, Marabu has set the standard in providing innovative color solutions to the industrial printing and graphic arts industry. Our latest example of innovation is the world’s first water-based pad printing ink, MaquaPad MAP. It is designed to meet the market demand for “greener” solution-sensitive applications such as children’s toys and textiles.

Across the world all of our team members are committed to helping our customers succeed by helping them meet their printing needs. More than 20% of our employees are in R&D or technical support roles dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of ink and printing.

4. Excellent User Support

When you work with Marabu, you’re not just getting a high-quality, consistent product. You’re also getting a partner that loves to tackle tricky problems and tough challenges. Our Technical Service Team is made up of experts across all of our divisions and product lines who work alongside our customers on everything from teaching and training to creative problem-solving. 

Ever thought about how difficult it is to print something across the side of an airplane? Not only does the ink have to hold up to sunlight and extreme weather exposure, but it has to be flexible enough to adapt to the shrinking and expanding of the plane’s frame as it transitions from the temperature on the ground to temperatures as low as -69 degrees Fahrenheit in the air. To add to the complexity, the ink can’t be completely permanent—it needs to be easy to remove when it’s time to refresh the plane’s design. 

This is just one of the more recent challenges our Technical Services Team has worked on, and we’re eager to take on more.

5. Strict Environmental Standards

Here at Marabu, we hold ourselves to very high standards when it comes to protecting our environment. We are members of several organizations, including ESMA, that strive to create a greener world. We adhere to their guidelines and standards around what raw materials we use or don’t use in the development of our ink products. 

We’re also proud to say that as of July 2021, we are one of the very first ink manufacturers to become climate neutral! This extends to not only our inks, but our facilities and manufacturing practices, as well. We use green electricity, source environmentally friendly materials, and offset all unavoidable CO2 emissions by supporting climate protection projects. But as much as we celebrate this accomplishment, we strive to do even more and have goals for reducing our CO2 emissions by another 25% over the next 9 years.   

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