The Coolest Indoor Wall Graphics We’ve Ever Seen

Wall printing has ushered in a design revolution and has taken the printing industry by storm. This transformative technology allows for the direct application of mesmerizing, high-resolution art directly onto wall surfaces. The result? Intricate patterns, lifelike murals, unforgettable branding, captivating environments, and increased engagement — to name a few. 

The creative possibilities of wall art have been limitless. And because of this versatility and creative freedom, many organizations have started embracing wall art into their interior spaces. 

From one-of-a-kind typography in restaurants to realistic portraits of people in school hallways, we’ll journey into some of the coolest wall graphics we have ever seen. Get ready to see precision-crafted designs on a scale larger than ever, and learn how specialized ink breathes life into dull spaces. 

The Transformation of a Restaurant’s Ambiance

monochrome typography wall graphic in restaurant
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Imagine walking into a restaurant where plain white walls greet you. Now, picture stepping into a restaurant adorned with vibrant, custom wall graphics. The difference in the dining experience due to the wall art is striking. Wall graphics can transform a restaurant’s ambiance, creating a unique and immersive dining experience.

But it’s not always necessary for wall graphics to display every shade of the rainbow to be captivating. As you can see from our example above, this particular restaurant’s wall graphic is a simple monochrome of black and white — and boy, is it effective. Here’s why:

  • Bold contrast: The stark contrast between black and white creates a visually striking, attention-grabbing design. It immediately draws the eye and makes a strong statement.
  • Focus on typography: When using unique typography, the absence of colors allows the intricate details of the fonts to stand out more. Each letter and number becomes a work of art in itself. 
  • Readability: Black and white is the most readable combination, vital for conveying essential information, such as a restaurant’s name and brand. 

As you can see, this restaurant’s wall graphic blends seamlessly with its interior setting while showcasing its brand and restaurant name — Fifty-Two/52 — in unforgettable ways. 

Historical Figures and Facts in School Hallways

photogealistic mural in high school hallway
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School hallways are more than just passageways; they are extensions of the learning environment. Wall graphics featuring prominent historical figures, scientists, artists, and leaders inspire students and create a sense of immersion in the subject matter. 

Imagine walking down a hallway and coming face to face with a large portrait of a famous golf player like the mural in our above example. The graphic provides a tangible connection to the history of athletics and gives PE education a whole new meaning. 

As you can see, well-designed wall graphics in school hallways can be a daily source of motivation, piquing students’ curiosity and sparking an enthusiasm for learning. 

One of our favorite things about the school’s wall graphic is how it captures the dynamic action of the famous golfer. He is shown mid-swing, and one can sense the motion, focus, precision, and energy required of this sport. 

And take a look at that photorealistic detail! The wall graphic captured the facial expression, the stance of the golfer’s swing, and the athletic attire in precise detail. Such detail makes it seem like the golfer could step out of the photograph on the wall. 

Transforming Game Rooms 

colorful graffiti style wall art in game room
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Integrating edgy, colorful, artsy, and graffiti-style wall graphics in game rooms has breathed new life into the recreational industry. Our favorite wall graphics for game rooms showcase vibrant colors and bold designs, have a playful element, and are artistically rebellious. 

For example, is the character in the above wall graphic an octopus, a robot, or both? We’re not sure, and that’s what makes it fun. Game rooms have playful and dynamic energy, so this wall graphic is perfect for enhancing those emotional elements through the visual art. Here’s another favorite of ours: 

graffiti style wall graphic in ping pong room
Image source:

Similarly to the first one, this second wall graphic also features vibrant colors, and from the character’s clothing to his monocle, this wall graphic features elements of playfulness that supplement the sport of ping pong very well. 

As you can see, the fusion of sports and wall graphics creates a unique atmosphere where players and spectators can appreciate the beauty of ping pong and visual art. 

Transforming Corporate Offices 

wall graphic with brand messaging
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Corporate offices often aim to nurture their employees’ sense of belonging and unity. Wall graphics can strategically convey a company’s values and mission. A wall graphic can reinforce these messages by using inspirational quotes, images, or infographics. Wall graphics not only support the corporate culture but also serve as a reminder of the company’s goals and vision. 

For example, in the corporate wall graphic above, you can see the fusion of clean typography, the logo, and color harmony, working together to drive the company’s core value of “We’re creating a better journey.”

Research suggests that incorporating art into workplace settings can enhance productivity and mood.

As companies continue to recognize the importance of creating dynamic and engaging office environments, wall graphics will remain a prominent tool in their design toolkit. Marabu addresses the specific needs of digitally printed wall coverings with ClearShield Professional Wall Armor. This product not only delivers the unmatched protection associated with the ClearShield laminate line but also offers the advantage of a Type II certified solution tailored for commercial applications.

Compatible with latex, eco-solvent, and UV curable inks, Wall Armor goes beyond basic protection by providing additional benefits such as increased stain and abrasion resistance, as well as fire retardancy. When aiming to meet the stringent standards of Type II certification, needed to obtain a certificate of occupancy, Wall Armor emerges as the clear and superior choice for commercial applications.

The Importance of Having the Right Ink 

Ink serves as the lifeblood of wall graphics. It’s the medium that translates your design into a tangible, vibrant, and lasting form on the wall. For wall graphics, the choice of ink is paramount for several reasons: 

  • Durability: Wall graphics endure various environmental factors, including light, humidity, and temperature fluctuations. Ink durability ensures that your graphics can withstand these challenges without fading or deteriorating over time.
  • Adhesion: Proper ink adhesion is essential for wall graphics to remain securely applied to the surface. Your graphics might peel off without the correct ink, leading to a subpar finish and required maintenance down the road. 
  • Longevity: The correct ink type contributes to the longevity of your graphics, ensuring they maintain their quality and vivid appearance for years to come. 

Since ink is so critical to the quality and longevity of wall graphics, here’s what you can look for when selecting the correct ink for your wall graphics: 

  • UV-resistant inks: Opt for UV-resistant inks to protect your graphics from fading due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Eco-friendly inks: Consider environmentally friendly ink options. These inks are better for our planet and tend to emit fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making them safer for indoor use. 
  • Adhesive properties: Ensure the ink has adhesive properties, especially if you apply wall graphics to challenging surfaces like textured walls or uneven surfaces. 
  • Color range: Choose inks that offer a broad spectrum of colors, allowing you to achieve the precise color tones and color gradients needed for your design. 
  • Fade resistance: Look for inks with proven fade resistance to ensure your graphic retains its vividness over many years. 

High-quality inks can be the difference between a stunning, long-lasting wall graphic and a lackluster one that fades or peels over time. Selecting high-quality inks ensures that your wall graphics leave a lasting impression. Marabu inks have been engineered to achieve impressive results. At Marabu, we can tailor our inks to any wall graphic project, and our inks have built-in properties to be fade-resistant, durable, eco-friendly, and adhesive, all the while boasting a wide color range. Are you looking to breathe life into your wall space? Contact us today to find just the right ink products for your project.

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