Print Wall Coverings to Expand Your Offerings & Differentiate Your Shop

Have you ever thought about offering custom-printed wall coverings and other oversized graphics as part of your print shop’s capabilities for your customers? If not, you should. All print shops can benefit from printing oversized graphics—like wall coverings, billboards, and more—which will expand your capabilities, attract new customers, differentiate your shop from the competitors, and allow you to leverage a highly profitable vertical market.

You might not realize this, but you can print large, customized graphics for wall coverings and other oversized substrates using the printers you already have in your shop. 

Combine your existing printers with Marabu inks and liquid coatings to create powerful, durable, eye-catching products that your customers will be proud to show off.

Help your customers create a specific mood

Increasingly, businesses—including hospitals, doctors’ offices, hotels, restaurants, airports, retail stores, and many others—are using customized, oversized graphics to create a mood, develop distinctive looks, evoke certain emotions, and drive specific actions.

For instance, a pediatrician’s office might want colorful wall coverings with comforting cartoon images to reassure frightened young patients. A music-themed restaurant can post custom wall graphics of guitars and other music memorabilia to create a rock ‘n roll vibe. Or an airport can decorate their walls with oversized images of beautiful scenes and appealing landmarks from their local city to excite visitors about spending time there.

Large graphics can advertise, inform, and direct

Additionally, many companies are turning to large format printing (wall coverings, vehicle wraps, billboards, trade show signage, banners) to generate attention, expand their reach, introduce new customers and prospects to their brand, and inspire specific actions.

Large graphics trended during the COVID-19 pandemic, as many hospitals, supermarkets, other venues needed social distancing markers and arrows on their floors to direct the flow of patrons, as well as other large COVID-related signs to inform and guide customers, patients, guests, and employees.

Now that businesses have reopened post-pandemic, they’re relying on oversized graphics to create a certain vibe and increase excitement for their venues. An upscale hotel can use different wall coverings to establish unique looks for each of their suites. Or a clothing store can leverage custom graphics to help define their brand—whether that’s elegant and upscale or hip and edgy.

Marabu works with many print shops to develop large, customized graphics. 

Print shops can produce high-quality, oversized images on various materials, including wood, vinyl, steel, glass and more. Today’s technologies are allowing print professionals to enhance their capabilities and create vehicle wraps, exhibit displays, window graphics, wallpaper coverings, billboards and more.

As many print businesses can attest, printing large graphics is a fast, easy process.  Using their existing printers and high resolution files, they can print superior quality images, fitting together crisp, clear, colorful graphics to match each client’s specific needs, visions, and requests. 

The best inks and coatings for large graphics

With any print job, using the right inks and coatings will give best results. For large-scale projects we advise using Marabu’s solvent or UV-based based inks. 

Marajet solvent-based inks, for example, work exceptionally well in Roland, Mimaki, and Mutoh printers. For UV-based inks, we highly recommend Ultra Jet DLE-JF for the Mimaki UCJV series. UV inks, which are extremely durable, will allow your projects to last for a long time without fading.

Create these large graphics with durability in mind so they can stay pristine for as long as possible. After printing your wall covering or other large graphic, use Marabu’s clear shield coatings—in particular Wall Armor. These coatings will protect the graphics from stains, dirt, scratches, UV damage, cleaning chemicals, debris, fingerprints, and more. These coatings can also help your graphics withstand weather elements, like sunlight, rain, snow, wind, and extreme temperatures.

Quick and easy printing on numerous substrates

Another benefit of large format printing is that you can successfully print oversized images on numerous substrates, including vinyl, cloth, glass, wood, plastic, metal, foam board, etc. Regardless of the substrates you use, you’ll create spectacular-looking, high-quality images with crisp, clear colors.

The large format printing process is fast, similar to other printing processes. This means that you can print your customers’ desired wall coverings, vehicle wraps, billboards, and other oversized items easily and more quickly than you may think.

A whole new revenue stream for printers

Some printers may avoid attempting wall coverings, either because they don’t know the market well and/or because they don’t realize they can print these large graphics with their existing printers. It’s time to join the highly profitable wall covering market!

Adding wall graphics to your repertoire is an easy, affordable, and profitable way to expand your capabilities. Offer wide format graphics to help differentiate your business from the competition and generate new revenue streams. Large graphics are in high demand—and is an area that’s expected to grow even more in the future!

Please contact us to learn more. We’d be happy to help you with any questions or provide advice on your upcoming projects. You can check more printing designs here.

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