Create Un-fore-gettable Customized Golf Products with Marabu Ink

If you’re looking for a tee-rrific way to customize golf balls, tees, markers, and other golf products, Marabu can help. Marabu works in collaboration with many print shops to supply customized items for leading golf brands. In fact, we work with all the major golf ball manufacturers, who rely on Marabu inks to provide the best results.

Customized golf products are a great way for companies to promote their brands, celebrate a special occasion, or provide a commemorative keepsake. It’s easy to add your clients’ logos, designs, messages, and even photographs directly to golf balls and other relevant merchandise.

Major golf brands and other businesses successfully use Marabu inks to customize an array of golf-related products, including trophies, golf clubs, golf bags, gloves, divot-repair tools, ball markers, golf pencils, and more. 

Most printers use pad printing for small, curvy items like golf balls, markers, and tees. For pad inks, try Marabu’s TPR or TPU ink series, which are versatile for many sports-related substrates. With its particularly high resistance, TPR can be used for products like golf balls and tees that are subject to high stress and heavy handling. It also offers protection against perspiration and sunscreen. TPU is a high-gloss, quick-curing two-component ink with outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance and excellent adhesion.

Golf balls and tees need an outdoor UV ink that protects from weather elements and extreme temperatures. The ink needs to be durable enough to withstand repeated blows from metal or wood clubs, and rugged enough to tolerate water and sand hazards—as well as being thrown in occasional fits of frustration! Marabu inks are tough and long-lasting, even under the extreme conditions of this sport.

And if your clients love to celebrate at the 19th hole, Marabu offers high-quality, dishwasher-safe inks for personalized printing on items like beer mugs and pint glasses.

Marabu offers inks in an extensive range of colors in high-gloss to matte finishes. We have the flexibility to match whatever colors or finishes your clients want and can print on virtually any substrate.

Marabu can even help guide printers to the proper inks for their clients’ needs, so please contact us for more information. Marabu will help you score a hole-in-one for your clients—no ifs, ands, or putts. You can receive more printing tips here.

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