How Marabu Supports Printers Making an Ink Switch  

The Marabu team often hears customers say, “The best thing I’ve ever done is switch to your inks.” Our inks—and our customer service—are exceptional, as our customers have discovered over the years.

When printing companies are considering a transition to a new ink company, they should feel confident switching to Marabu because:

We’re plug and print. Many print shops use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ink cartridges, which are made and sold by the original printer manufacturer. If print shops are putting OEM inks in their printers, they can simply replace those cartridges with Marabu ink cartridges for a seamless transition. It’s quick and easy to make the switch to Marabu products.

It will save them money. Our extraordinary inks are also cost-effective. In fact, some of our customers save as much as 30% when they transition to our products.

We’re an OEM manufacturer. Not only are we compatible with OEM, we’re also an OEM manufacturer. Customers can feel confident that they’ll get the same high-quality inks they’re accustomed to.

We use top-quality materials. From the raw materials to the finished product, our inks are high-quality that are as good as—or better than—other inks, including OEM products. We stand behind every product we offer.

Our inks are extremely durable. Our products have better adhesion than other options in the marketplace and have proven to be durable and fade resistant. Additionally, our inks work on a variety of substrates—including some that OEM inks can’t accommodate.

The colors and quality are the same or better than OEM inks. Our products are completely chemically compatible with all printers. A ‘compatible cartridge’ is one that’s been manufactured by a third party company, in this case Marabu, and will work just as well as in printers as their OEM counterparts. Additionally, our colors are the same as the OEM inks that print shops have been using.

We can accommodate special color requirements. Our Color Matching Department fulfills special color orders with the highest precision. We have significant experience in effects printing, as well as industrial and graphic applications, where the highest color precision is essential.

We offer a huge variety of durable, fade-resistant inks. Marabu offers many solutions for graphic and industrial printing applications, which means our clients can find the right inks for any project. Explore our diverse product portfolio of solvent-based, UV-curable, and water-based inks. We have products that are appropriate for screen, pad, and digital printing. Find the right ink or liquid coating for your specific graphic or industrial application needs, including automotive, household, toy, credit cards, promotional items, glass, sporting equipment, and much more.

Marabu offers best-in-class effects inks. One of Marabu’s strengths is the production of special effect inks. We offer a wide selection of glitter, pearlescent, metallic, and phosphorescent inks to help our customers create fun, creative special effects.

We offer unparalleled customer support. Marabu’s full team of sales reps and chemists can help customers with any issues, proactively supporting dealers through end-users. Whether our customers are using screen, pad, or digital, we make it simple to use our inks.

Customers love our test print services. We’re happy to test our inks on your original substrates and recommend an optimal solution from our robust product line.

It works with customers’ equipment and technology. Customers that utilize specific equipment or technology—like Raster Image Processor (RIP) software—won’t have to change any settings or reprofile their printer when using Marabu inks.

Our warranty offers amazing protection. We guarantee that our inks won’t harm your printing equipment in any way, and we offer a warranty to give our customers added peace of mind.

We work with companies of all sizes. Marabu’s customers range from small, independent printing shops with two or three printers to large enterprises with 50 or more printers. We can accommodate customers of any size and provide inks for any need.

We have many long-term customers. Once customers try Marabu inks, they’re instantly hooked on our products. They also quickly learn that Marabu is a trustworthy, dependable company with a dedicated, passionate team committed to providing extraordinary products and superior customer service.

Please contact us to get a free sample of Marabu ink and learn more about our products and services.

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