Think Ink: How to Select the Right Inks for Pad Printing

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting pad printing inks to maximize performance and durability, including:

  • The substrate. Are you printing on plastic, metal, wood, or other material? Some inks can damage certain materials, and some substrates require specialty inks to adhere properly.
  • The product’s application. Will the product be used indoors or outdoors? Should it be dishwasher safe? Is the product being used around children? Will it be exposed to cleaners or chemicals?
  • Ink color. Most inks are available in standard colors and can be matched to Pantone or other color standards. For printing brighter colors on dark materials, select highly opaque inks.
  • Additives. Do your inks require thinners or hardeners/adhesion modifiers? Most solvent-based inks, for instance, require a thinner. While many UV-based inks applications don’t require thinners, they’re required for most pad printing applications.

This article offers valuable information about selecting—and using—inks for pad printing.

Marabu has exceptional inks for pad printing, as well as your other printing needs. Contact us for more information. You can receive more printing tips here.

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