What is Type II Certification and Why Do You Need It?

The Wallcovering Association created Type standards to define different classes of wallcovering, based on their levels of safety and durability.

Type II wallcoverings are commonly used in commercial projects and are typically polymer based, mid-to-heavyweight products. The weight in this category is typically between 20 and 28 ounces per linear yard. These wallcoverings have passed key durability tests, like scrub, tear, and stain, as well as safety tests proving that the products meet Type II Certification or exceed industry standards.

Some – but not all – digital printing systems can pass these stringent tests because not all digital inks are the same. Digital inks face variables, including durability, type of print, amount of ink used, texture, curing, etc., that could impact test results.

Specifically formulated for digitally printed wall covering applications, Marabu’s ClearShield Wall Armor not only offers the unbeatable protection that the ClearShield line of laminates is known for, it also has the benefit of adding a Type II certified solution for commercial applications.

In addition to being compatible with latex, eco-solvent and UV curable inks, Wall Armor provides added stain and abrasion resistance, as well as fire retardancy. Applications include, but are not limited to: retail store displays, hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and commercial buildings. When a commercial application has to meet the high standards of Type II certification, Wall Armor is the clear choice. 

To quickly and easily apply ClearShield liquid laminate to your back lit signs, POP, trade show displays, banners, or wallpaper, use Marabu’s StarLam 1600R. StarLam handles a wide variety of substrates up to 64” wide, the Our innovative and proven system offers increased profitability by providing a cost effective, simple laminating solution. 

Our water-based ClearShield liquid laminates can be used over solvent based output and pigmented ink systems printed on water resistant substrates. ClearShield liquid laminates protect your prints against UV exposure, moisture, abrasion, chemical damage and marring.

For more information about Type II certification, why it is important, and how Marabu’s products can go to work for your customers under even the harshest conditions, please contact us. You can read more industry news here.

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