Protecting Large-Scale Graphics From Scratches, Scuffs and Fading

Oversized graphic prints – such as wall graphics, canvas prints, vehicle wraps, banners, and billboards – can make powerful statements, create specific types of atmosphere, and attract attention. While these eye-catching, large-print graphics can be effective for the companies that use them, they need to be properly protected with laminate coverings so they’re not damaged by dirt, stains, fading, weather, and other elements.

Indoor graphics – such as wall coverings used in retail stores, hotels, restaurants, fitness centers, and doctors’ offices – risk damage from wear and tear, stains, scratches, scuffs, fading, sunlight, dirt, sweat, and other factors, including vandalism. And since many companies have increased their cleaning and sanitation efforts as a result of COVID-19, these graphics need to withstand frequent chemical exposure, as well.

Outdoor graphics like billboards and signage must be able to stand up to the elements – sunlight, dirt, rain, snow, hail, sleet, wind, and extreme temperatures. Like indoor graphics, they also are at risk for vandalism-related damage.

Whether printing a wall covering for indoor use or creating an outdoor billboard or banner, you’ll need to protect the graphic with laminate. While some companies claim that their inks can withstand any serious wear without laminate, this isn’t true. No ink – including the most durable in the marketplace – can withstand serious wear over time.

Your customers expect their large graphics not only to last, but to continue looking spectacular over time. For these large-print graphics to be durable and long-lasting, they need to have a protective coating applied during printing. 

Marabu’s ClearShield Select is the market leader in protective coatings for digitally printed wall coverings, billboards, banners, vehicle wraps, and other large graphics.  ClearShield can be applied to a wide variety of projects, and is suitable for numerous applications, including latex, eco-solvent, and UV curable inks. This water-based liquid laminate offers the same powerful protection as film laminates.

Our ClearShield Wall Armor is Type II-certified, meaning it meets the highest safety and durability standards for commercial use. It has also been proven safe for use in all environments, including healthcare settings like hospitals and medical offices.  

Marabu has performed rigorous testing to ensure ClearShield Wall Armor stands up to regular use, cleaning, and even accidental (yet inevitable) spills and messes. We’ve tested its resistance to a variety of foods and beverages, including hot water, alcohol, vinegar, orange juice, butter, tea, and ketchup. It held up and continued looking pristine even when covered in the sloppiest of messes. Our protective coatings also effectively protect outdoor graphics from weather-related elements, dirt, and other potentially damaging conditions.

Large-print graphics are an effective way for companies to create powerful impressions. Marabu Inks are perfect for creating high-resolution graphics, and we also supply the laminate protective coating to keep them looking great day after day. Our laminate covering is a superior solution that can be used indoors or outside, and it excels at protecting high-quality signage from all types of conditions.

To learn more about ClearShield Liquid Laminates, please contact us. You can check more printing designs here.

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