Saving the Earth Through Ink, One Tagless T-shirt at Time

As the world focuses on recycling, composting, reducing purchase of single-use plastics, and walking or biking when traveling short distances in an effort to save the planet, have you ever thought about how the shirt on your back might be the secret to saving the Earth?

This amazing revolution is made possible by Maqua® Pad MAP, the world’s first water-based pad printing ink available on the market that meets all the requirements of the textile industry. Maqua® Pad MAP ink may be applied to natural or synthetic fabrics. As an alternative to transfer or sew-in labels, consumers enjoy: 

  • Fast, economical, tagless experience
  • Excellent washing and ironing resistance
  • Did we mention no tags?

Maqua® Pad MAP’s solutions don’t end with the consumer’s tagless T-shirt experience, your printing business will enjoy its own benefits, including:

  • Nearly odorless application
  • Very low VOC values, low level of solvent contamination
  • Less work safety measures required
  • Variety of satin gloss and high-opaque shades

Side note, it’s also perfect for toys made of wood, ABS, PS, PVC, PC, PA and after pre-treatment, it adheres well to PP and coated substrates.

Solvent-based inks have been the standard pad printing technology for years, but in an era where consumers and businesses are focused on product safety, alternative chemistry exploration is a must. Products labeled as “sustainable” grow over five time faster than those that aren’t. Also, 72% of consumers are buying more environmentally friendly products than they were five years ago.

For more information on what Maqua® Pad MAP’s water-based inks can do for you and your customers, contact Marabu’s experts today. You can read more industry news here.

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