Improving the Tactile Feel and Performance of Products with Plastics Decorating

Decorated plastic does more than just boost a product’s appearance. It also improves the way the product feels, makes it easier to handle, enhances its shelf appeal, and creates a more high-tech look. There’s an increased demand for products—such as electronics, car interiors, appliances, and household utensils—that “feel good” and handle well. 

Why does this matter? The use of decorated plastics can increase the product price by 5%, due to its increased appeal and perceived value. Additionally, research shows that buyers are more likely to purchase a product that is visually attractive and engages their sense of touch with a soft, warm, velvety or silky feel, indicating a premium quality.

Of course, decorated plastics aren’t a “one size fits all” endeavor. For instance, the automotive industry requires a rugged, durable, hard-working look and feel. However, the goal when creating packaging for a consumer product is different—it’s to attract customers with an appealing visual and something that “feels good” in their hands. 

Learn more about the many ways to develop customized plastics, maximize functionality, improve durability, add value, and overcome common industry challenges, here.

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