Digital Printing is a Game-Changer That Solves Common Industry Problems

Digital printing has become an industry game-changer that offers many benefits and solves numerous issues, including:

  • Combating staffing shortages. As labor shortages continue, printing businesses are having trouble finding employees—especially those who are highly qualified and skilled. Digital printing generally requires fewer, less specialized employees.
  • Reducing resources. Businesses are striving for sustainability. Digital printing uses fewer resources (including paper and ink), so it’s less wasteful than other options. Digital printing also reduces steps in the process, allowing jobs to be completed with lower costs and higher margins.
  • Leveraging automation. Automated processes can be completed with fewer employees, reducing labor costs and boosting efficiency. Additionally, combining automation with elevated technologies, processes, and finishing systems results in higher quality products.
  • Providing customization. Digital printing can be transformative for projects like direct mail pieces. Printers can now use data to personalize the products, offering high-value customization on client jobs versus more generic, one-size-fits-all approaches.

This article from Printing Impressions explains more. 

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